Custom Built for RAA Sport Aircraft and GA

Heavy 2mm Steel Walls, All Welded, Self-Standing, Modular, Relocatable

The Fortress comes as standard with an Electric  Hangar Door

(No mains power required)

Indicative* $35,000.00 plus GST and Delivery


Standard* 38ft wide (11.5m) x 24ft (7.3m) deep.  Additional sizes as ordered.

Included with an electric hangar door.  No mains power required.

Or another option, electric doors, opening each end  38ft wide (11.5) by 48ft (14.6m) deep (POA).

The Fortress Hangar requires only “Level Ground” with “No Concrete Slab or Footings required”. Has its own internal floor.

Why The Fortress Sport Aircraft Hangar?

Its custom built for Australian conditions with RAA Sport Aircraft and is;

Modular Construction (each module is also self standing)
Relocatable (in a day)
All Walls, Sides, Roof are Welded for Strength and Security
Heavy Steel Construction walls 2mm Steel Thick
The Fortress has its Own Built-in Internal Floor
The Fortress is Self-standing
No Footings or Concrete Slab Required, Just Level Ground
The Fortress Comes with an Electric Hangar Door (standard)
Aircraft Track Hangar guidance (no wing strikes)
Aircraft Retrieval System No Pushing or Pulling Your Aircraft into the Hangar
Cyclone Approved for example far Nth Qld (option)
The Fortress Hangar is also “Expandable” at a later date
Total Security* against Thieves and Attempted Break-ins
Can be Camouflaged in Green (smile)
And Its Truly Built Like a Tank to Protect Your Aircraft

*The Fortress Sport Aircraft Hangar is a Fully Welded Structure, and in our opinion you would need an “oxyacetylene torch” to cut through the 2mm steel walls, door or roof to gain entry.  Sledge hammers, bolt cutters and hacksaws etc. won’t touch it, and are useless against it. “The Fortress Electric Door”, is also internally electronically locked.  

The Fortress Heavy Steel Hangar

Is custom built and ideal for Australian RAA sport aircraft or for “Single Engine GA” aircraft as well. The Fortress Hangar is also “Expandable” at a later date. It is Modular, Portable and Movable, if you need to move airfields or strips.  Additional modular depth sizes are available, for example 27ft, 32ft, 40ft and 50ft or as you order. The Fortress can also have the electric hangar doors at both ends if desired for ease of access and rollout / parking with multi aircraft. We also know that ease of access is important to get you aircraft in or out and can be a hassle.

The Fortress Electric Hangar Door (no mains power required)

This comes standard with our hangars and no mains power is required, it has an internal feature that automatically locks internally the hangar ramp in the closed and sealed position. This is done by providing no weak links to break into the hangar.  It is an upward electric self- raising hangar door for easy aircraft entry and exit. We also can supply our hangar guidance system to prevent any aircraft / hangar strikes.

The Fortress has No Rivets or Screws

These can be an entry weakness and break-in point. The electric aircraft hangar door is the only access point for total security of aircraft.

The Fortress has its Own Internal Raised Floor

Each module self-standing and internal built in floor, as stated they only need level ground, however placement on ground with good drainage and runoff also is recommended so water will not pool under the hangar.

Moving Airstrips

Then take your hangar with you. We have seen individual people or RAA flying schools move due to many reasons, now you can take your hangar with you. No need to find or build another hangar. The Fortress give you options anywhere in Australia.

Delivery Time

Once your order has been placed, you can expect delivery of The Fortress Hangar in as little as 3 – 5 weeks, this of course will be established at time of order. Also it is not a kit, it arrives built in three completed modules and we take only a day or less to have it fully operational for your aircraft. The Fortress is available throughout Australia.

Do you Need Council Approval or is it Exempt

The Fortress buildings are also used as secure work sheds or for secure storage sheds in remote areas? As it is modular, portable and can be repositioned without any cement slab or footing, you may not need any council approval or is exempt in your area? However, always check your council’s or airfields (clubs) requirements.

Retro Fitting Existing Hangars with The Fortresses Electric Opening Door

We can be retro fit to our system to most existing hangars.  For individuals that also may have difficulty in pushing and pulling traditional hangar doors, or pulling aircraft into or out of a hangar, call us to discuss for an effective solution.

Our electric Ramp Aircraft Doors are about total ease-of-use, strength, security, and sealability, with our custom design and simplicity of retrofitting with no mains power is needed.  Today, The Fortress electric Aircraft doors are available just for reto-fitting in general aviation, agriculture, car garage, commercial and industrial buildings.

Whether it’s the Price Effectiveness of the Fortress Hangar

Its portability (assembled or moved in a day), modular expandability, strength, durability, and with electric hangar door feature that come standard, or our hangar guidance system, functionality or customizable features, The Fortress Steel Aircraft Hangars are the smart choice for your RAA sport planes Total Security when you’re not there.

Need Some Flexible Payment Plans (we have you covered)

Also some examples of our funding plans also available if you require.

We can do our standard $35,000, hangar from $12 to $24 a day.

0r our 36ft wide x 48ft deep from $15 to $33 a day.

Subject to approval, terms and conditions.

Experience and Understanding of Your Needs

Having over a 30-year Australian background on flying Ultralight, RAA and GA aircraft. We know what we are talking about to secure and protect your sport aircraft.  Also it’s the right choice with heavy weather impacts including cyclones.  Our strength provides you with and Australian inspired custom built Fortress for your aircraft which is cost effective hangarage with heavy protection and portability. We also know that ease of access is important to get you aircraft in or out can be a problem. The Fortress is custom developed with this in mind, along with stopping break-ins or thieves when no one is around, which we are sad to see are becoming more and more widespread throughout Australia.

Available in all States

Also in NZ

Indicative price* includes electric ramp door.

Cyclone Approved* Option available for Nth QLD

Note* –  Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Phone 0451 – 737 – 421